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Today, retail and media channels are more closely intertwined than ever. When retailers and manufacturers use that to their advantage and work together, they can also grow sales together. The Hershey Company’s Charlie Chappell, head of integrated media and communications planning, and Doug Straton, chief digital commerce officer, share insights on the benefits of holistic retail planning. 

3 Ways Sharing Data Can Drive Growth 

  1. Sharing data among partners and connecting “who saw what” to “who bought what” can lead to better targeting and stronger ROI.
  2. Retailers know how to drive sales within their store. Insights-driven manufacturers understand how to drive sales within their category. By planning collaboratively, they can reach new levels of growth.
  3. In today’s complex retail setting, growth requires collaboration and data sharing across organizations to gain a deeper understanding of what shoppers want.

Retailers and manufacturers are continually collecting data. Sharing that data with one another requires trust and communication. But when you adopt a holistic planning approach, you can create paths to smarter spending and improved targeting, together, all while finding new keys to unlocking your snacks retail potential.


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