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Halloween will undoubtedly look different this year, so Hershey is guaranteeing Halloween fun no matter how you choose to celebrate. The first-ever Hershey Halloween Squad, a cadre of industry experts, hold the keys to an inventive and fun Halloween 2020 season.

Jaimie Nakae and Jay Grenier, the duo behind Wicked Makers, teamed up with Hershey to share easy-to-create projects and games for families to start crafting NOW. Together, let’s kick-off the Halloween fun and magic earlier than ever this October in new, exciting ways.

There are TONS of creative things families can do together to enjoy the holiday. Here are several DIY projects and games you can create with your kids to make the most of Halloween in an unconventional year.

Build a Candy Slide!

One of this season’s most popular projects is the Candy Slide! If you plan on having trick-or-treaters come through your neighborhood, the slide will let you pass out Halloween candy while maintaining social distancing. It’s also incredibly fun to build and decorate with the family!

Step One: Find a Long Tube 

The main piece of the Candy Slide is a long tube that’s wide enough for candy to slide through and at least 7 feet long. The tube can be made from any material like cardboard or PVC, though if you’re going to leave it outdoors, PVC or plastic is recommended.

Step Two: Assemble the Stands

To create the angle for your Candy Slide, either mount it on something sloped like the handrail on your stairs, or set up some stands for it. This could be as simple as propping it up on some boxes or a ladder, or building your own stands out of something like wood or PVC. We’ve created a tutorial on how to build stands from PVC.

Step Three: Decorate your Candy Slide!

Now comes the best part, decorating! Using your favorite Halloween props, dress up your candy slide in whatever theme you like. Witches, Pumpkins, Ghosts, Skeletons, Vampires, Bats, you can do anything you like to make your Candy Slide unique! This is a great opportunity to get the kids involved.

Step Four: Off to the Candy Races!

While you wait for the big night, it’s time for some fun Halloween science experiments! Drop different types of Hershey Halloween candy down the slide and see which one is the fastest, or build a second slide and have Candy Races with the family! For example, try New! HERSHEY’S KISSES Vampire Chocolates versus New! REESE’S Franken-Cups. Everyone is a winner if there is candy at the end of the slide!

More Halloween DIY Tips and Games for the Family

Ghostly Charades

On small pieces of paper, write down the names of several monsters or creepy crawly characters and tape each one to a piece of Halloween candy. Get in the character by using Hershey’s new REESE’S Franken-Cups or KIT KAT® Witch’s Brew featuring classic Halloween creatures. Place all names in a bowl. Take turns drawing a piece from the bowl and acting out the monster on the paper. Whoever guesses which monster it is, gets to eat the candy!

Mummy Mayhem!

Have your kids stand with their legs together and loosely wrap their legs with toilet paper to turn them into Mummies! Using Halloween candy as your racetrack or obstacle course, and have the kids hop through it to see who’s the fastest Mummy on the block!

We’re Going on a Monster Hunt!

Decorate a bunch of short cardboard tubes to look like your favorite Halloween monsters. Put a piece of candy inside each one and then seal the ends with tissue paper and glue. Hide as many “Monsters” around your house or yard as you like, and then grab the flashlight and take the kids on a Scary Monster Hunt!

Feed the Monsters!

On a piece of cardboard or foam core, have your kids draw their favorite monster face and then carefully cut out the mouth with scissors. Prop your Monster Board up on end and then have the kids stand back and try to toss pieces of Halloween candy into the monsters’ mouths! HERSHEY’S KISSES Vampire chocolates are the perfect size for a slam dunk! Whoever feeds the monsters the most pieces of candy is the winner.