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Hershey Voluntarily Recalls HERSHEY'S Chocolate Shell Topping Due to Undeclared Almonds. Click here for details!

Care Package


A special delivery can make all the difference when you’re far from family and friends. Let someone know you’re thinking of them with a homemade Hershey care package.

You'll Need



Cut foam block to fin in the bottom of the makeup bag. Place it in the bottom of the bag. This will keep the candy on the inside front and center!


Fill cellophane bag with REESE’S Miniatures and tie the bag shut.


Arrange the cellophane bag and the rest of the individually wrapped candy in the makeup bag.


Add a card or other small gifts (like makeup brushes) if you’d like. You could hide another gift for Mom, like a scarf, at the bottom of the bag as well.

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