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JOLLY RANCHER Gender Reveal Cupcakes


2 hours
Skill Level
24 cupcakes

Want a sweet gender reveal without a big hassle? Hide a pink or blue JOLLY RANCHER Chew in the center of these easy cupcakes. Then when everyone takes a bite, the answer to the big question will be right there.

Ingredients & Directions

Prep Time
50 minutes
Bake Time
30 minutes
Cool Time
30 minutes


  • 24
    JOLLY RANCHER Chewsin Watermelon OR Blue Raspberry
  • 1 package
    white cake mix, regular or favorite white cake recipe (about 18 oz.)
  • Frostingand garnishes as desired (optional)

Step-By-Step Directions

Equipment Needed 
2-1/2 inch muffin cup tin 2-1/2 inch muffin cup tin
muffin cups muffin cups
oven oven
mixing bowl mixing bowl
measuring cups measuring cups
rubber scraper rubber scraper
wire rack wire rack

Remove wrappers from desired color candies. Cover and set aside. Line 24 muffin cups (2-1/2 inches in diameter) with paper or foil baking cups.


Heat oven to required temperature. Prepare cake batter following package or recipe directions.


Fill cups about 2/3 full. Place one candy piece on center of each filled cup, pressing in lightly. (About half of candy piece should be above the batter surface.) Candy piece will sink as the cupcake bakes.


Bake and cool following package or recipe directions. Frost and decorate as desired.

NOTE: Ingredients needed to prepare cake mix or cake recipe.

VARIATION: Bake batter in cake pan using spacing so that candy piece is included in each serving.

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