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This year, the Easter Bunny’s got nothing on you. We’re sharing our favorite DIY gift ideas, so you can make the perfect, personalized Easter basket for everyone you know. Just follow these three steps, get creative and have fun!

1. Start with your basket

Here’s a pro tip: you don’t have to use a basket at all! Choose, find or make your base. Just make sure whatever you use is sturdy enough to hold everything you fill it with. Whether you go the classic route with a braided wicker basket or pick a more modern twist like a mason jar — your options are endless. Here are some of our favorite basket alternatives:

Bag it up

Bags conveniently hold everything together with little effort. Simply take a lunch paper bag and decorate it. Or choose a bag that can be re-used like a plain tote and personalize it with fabric markers.

Grow your use for planters

Planters or flower pots make the perfect spring container. Plus, they’re another “basket” you can get more than one use out of. There are a bunch of beautiful planters you can find online. Or brush off an old one and give it a facelift with some spray paint. Fun tip: Add a packet of seeds in this one so the fun keeps on growing!

Get crafty with household items

All you have to do is look around the house and use a little imagination. Grab a mason jar or present box you’re not using. You can even make some really cute Easter baskets, just with paper plates or cardboard paper.

Make it part of the gift

We love when you can use your basket as part of a bigger gift or theme. (We’ll hop into themes more in a minute!) With April showers coming, spring for some new rain boots or an umbrella to hold all of their goodies. Need a cool Easter basket idea for an adult? Grab a bathrobe for some at-home spa treatment. Or a toolbox for the busy bee.

2. Pack in some personality

What’s the best part of a DIY Easter basket? You can make it as personalized and special as you want! Pick surprises and favorite treats for a one-of-a-kind touch.


Easter Assortment

Fill it with their favorite candy

Whether it’s the giant chocolate bunny or lots of little treats, you can never go wrong when you include the right candy. Trust us, we’re the experts. Need some inspiration? Here’s some of our most popular and special limited-edition candy. And while this is a chocolate-heavy holiday, don’t forget about the other sweet treats your non-chocolate eaters will love. (would suggest linking to product pages from underlined copy)

Choose a theme

Easter basket themes make it easy to narrow down your choices and is a great way to really match someone’s personality. Go for hobbies that you can have fun with. Have a golfer in the family? Score extra points with tees and golf balls. You can even just match candy by colors. If you’re doing a princess theme, pick up some pink and silver-wrapped Hershey’s kisses.

Bake something special

Take your treat-giving to the next level with something homemade. Anyone will appreciate the extra time you spent to make something on your own. Here are some of our favorite Easter-themed recipes that are sure to be a hit.

Add personal gifts

The only thing sweeter than candy, is something personal from you. Handwrite a note from the heart. Include a picture frame or photos from a favorite memory. Get the kids to help draw or color something that can be proudly kept forever.

3. Decorate for the finishing touches

No Easter basket is complete without a little flair! Zhuzh it up with some fun accents that will bring it all together.

Show off your silly side 

Whether you’re DIYing the basket for the kids or with them, it should be as much fun to make as it is to open. Don’t be afraid to go all out! Gather all the pom-poms, ribbons and googly eyes you can find.

Call it a wrap

Wrap your basket up in bright, colorful cellophane for the ultimate classic Easter basket. There’s a reason it’s so timeless. It’s easy, beautiful and lets everyone get a sneak peek of all the goodies inside.

Create picture-perfect details

For a more sophisticated look, use silk or real flowers and make a beautiful Easter basket. If you’re pressed for time, find a silk scarf or use gold spray paint for a quick up-do. Want to try something a little more unexpected? Grab a feather boa and just wrap it around your new chic and cool Easter basket.

Some bunny is going to be very lucky this Easter…

We hope you’re inspired to get creative and get to it. However your DIY Easter basket turns out, we’re sure it will be an egg-cellent gift! (Sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves.)