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Halloween will undoubtedly look different this year, so Hershey is guaranteeing Halloween fun no matter how you choose to celebrate. The first-ever Hershey Halloween Squad, a cadre of industry experts, hold the keys to an inventive and fun Halloween 2020 season.

Food and lifestyle expert, Justine Santaniello teamed up with Hershey to conjure up the season’s most delicious recipes — from no-bake treats to mocktails. This October, let’s kick-off the Halloween magic earlier than ever in new, exciting ways.

Halloween is always the kids’ favorite holiday and between us, it’s one of my favorites too. As it's the first year in our new house, I’ve been busy planning all the fun Halloween activities we’ll be doing, treats we will be making, and decorations we will be putting up.

Since candy is always the star of Halloween, at my house, we’re planning to have a candy scavenger hunt in the backyard. Earlier in the day, I’ll sneak outside to decorate and find places around my backyard to hide candy. Later on, I’ll send my daughter outside to find them with her treat bag. If the weather doesn’t cooperate, this idea can easily be done in a basement, garage, or room in your house.

Now it’s not Halloween without some tasty treats.

Now it’s not Halloween without some tasty treats.

Now it’s not Halloween without some tasty treats. The Hershey Company just came out with some fun new candy for Halloween. The HERSHEY’S COOKIES ‘N’ CREME Fangs are snack-size, and if you look closely, you’ll see a fierce fang print on each piece, so our little vampires will love them! At my house we love to take packaged candy like this and make an easy Halloween Bark. It’s a great way to keep your little ones busy with an activity that’s not only fun but tasty too. To make the bark decorations, I melt white chocolate and use food coloring in some festive Halloween colors like orange and purple.

Cookie decorating is usually associated with Christmas, but it can be a great Halloween tradition too. With some Halloween cookie cutters, frosting and sprinkles, your whole family can decorate their own jack o’ lanterns, ghosts and witches’ hats.

You’ll need something to drink with all these treats

You’ll need something to drink with all these treats
You’ll need something to drink with all these treats. How about a non-alcoholic vampire mocktail?! It's the perfect drink to make a small gathering extra special. Start with half a glass of a clear soda and serve with a syringe filled with a red colored juice such as cranberry. Guests will love using the syringe to inject "blood" into each vampire drink. Pair your drinks with these HERSHEY’S KISSES Vampire Chocolates.

Finally, now that you have vampires, pumpkins, bark, and beyond, why not add one more? Bat cookies are a favorite of mine. Using the new half green crème and half milk chocolate REESE’S Franken-Cup as the base, cut a small-sized chocolate cookie in half. Use frosting or peanut butter to connect the cookie to the REESE’S Franken-Cup to create wings and use some candy eyes to finish it off. I usually put a little extra frosting or peanut butter under each eye to make sure they stick.

Wishing you a sweet and fa-boo-lous Halloween!